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Best Roulette Strategy Tested:

The best roulette strategies found are listed below.
Based on the test similations done the best performing roulette strategies are listed below. The starting point was a $100 bankroll, and minimum bets of $1. The strategies are not only rated on the chance to come out winning after 18 spins ( win%), but also what the average winning bankroll is (Av. Win) and what the average bankroll is for the strategy, including the losses ( Strat. Av.). Note that for normal bets the strategy average bankroll after 18 spins is smaller than $100 due to the House edge. Only certain strategies beat the House Edge and show an average bankroll after 18 spins larger than $100.

Higest % in making gains in 18 spins, with $100 start bankroll and min. $1 bets:

nr. Strategy making gains: win% Av. Win Strat. Av.
1 Bet on 35 numbers, only 1x 94% $ 101,- $ 99,-
2 PSM Roulette Strategy 92% $ 109,52 $ 109,52
3 Bet Two Dozens, Martingale 18 spins 83% $ 112,38 $ 100,96
4 Bet Red/Black, Martingale 18 spins 81% $ 109,58 $ 101,96
5 Bet Red/Black, flat bet,stop after 1 win 65% $ 101,50 $ 99,90

A strategy that is good in making money is not necessarily good in making money FAST. For that reason below the strategies are listed that can double your bankroll with 18 roulette spins, starting with a $100 bankroll and minimal $1 bets. Typically the win% are lower:

nr. Strategy for doubling bankroll: win%
1 Bet $100 on Red or Black only 1x 48%
2 Bet $100 on 2 Dozens, hope for 2 wins 42%
3 Bet $50 on a Dozen, and hope for a win. 32%

New strategies are continiously being tested and put on the website. Please see All Strategies Tested for the latest results.

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