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Roullete Win Strategy | Test Method used for testing the roulette strategies.

Roulette Win Strategy

Roulette Betting Strategy & Money Management:

Its important to understand the difference between a betting strategy and a money management strategy:

Whatever the outcome is of a spin, this will not influence the outcome of the next spin. As the roulette wheel does not have a memory !
So any betting strategy based on previous spins can not work.
But you and your bankroll do have a memory !
So your money management strategy better takes that into account.

What this means is that whatever betting strategy you use, on an individual spin the house has the advantage. And the next spin is completely independent of the previous spin.
The only 'thing' that is NOT independent from 1 spin to the next is your bankroll and your free choice to decide how much money to bet: your Money Management.

So you can win at roulette when you are luckey and have a winning streak, where you win more times than you lose.
OR you have be to have a smart money management strategy that enables to win more money when you win, than to lose when you lose.

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