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Roullete Win Strategy | Roulette Winning and Losing Streaks.

Roulette Win Strategy

Roulette Winning and Losing Streaks:

When playing roulettte, and gambling in general, it is important to understand the concept of streaks.

The easiest to understand streaks is given with Red/Black:

Although the chance on Red and Black is the same for each spin (48%), this does NOT mean that on average in say 36 spins there are an equal amount of Red and Blacks. For an infinity number of spins that holds. However for a short sequence, there can be a abig difference in the numbers of Red and Black appearing.

Take 6 spins in a row, these can all be Red, all be Black or a mixture of Red and Black.
If all are Red, and you were betting on Red, you had a winning streak, if you were betting on black, you had a losing streak.

So in reality for the number of spins you will play, the distribution of Red and Black will not be equal, and depending on what the distriution is, and what you bet, you WILL have winning and losing streaks. This is the real reason why people lose in the casino, not as much because of the house edge, but because of losing streaks.
You lose money because of the losing streaks. The casino wins money because of the house edge.
Any succesfull strategy will have to deal with losing streaks to be succesful.

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