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Roullete Win Strategy | Roulette Basic Payouts.

Roulette Win Strategy

Roulette Basic Payouts and Win Chances:

On this site the reference is always the French Roulette system:

Red/Black Bet (18 numbers): 1-to-1 Payout
Straight Bet (1 number): 35-to-1 Payout
Split Bet (2 numbers) : 17-to-1 Payout
Street Bet (3 numbers) : 11-to-1 Payout
Corner Bet (4 numbers) : 8-to-1 Payout
Six-Line Bet/Doublestreet Bet (6 numbers) : 5-to-1 Payout
Dozen / Column Bet (12 numbers) : 2-to-1 Payout
Even/Odd Bet, , 1-18 or 19-36 Bet : 1-to-1 Payout

Already from the payouts it can be seen that there is ALWAYS the House Edge.
So no single, or combined, betting strategy can make you always win.

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