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 Roullete Win Strategy | Playing Red / Black

Roulette Win Strategy

Red/Black or Odd/Even Bet Strategy (1/3)

The Red &Black are very popular bets. Payout is 1 to 1.
The chance of winning is 1 bet is 18/37 = 48%.
Below the chance graph is plotted after 18 spins.
When starting with a bankroll of $100 and betting $1 each time.
You can win 18 times and end up at $118, or lose 18 times and end at $82,
but most likely you end somewhere in between $82 and $118.
The chance of playing even (‘100’ on the graph) after 18 spins is 18%.
There is 36% chance that you gain from it, and 44% chance on having lost.

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