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Roulette Win Strategy

Betting 35 Numbers, 'All-but-Two' (1/3)

Betting 35 numbers, All-but-Two, seems to give a high win chance of 35/37 = 95%.
The payout is low though, if you bet $1 on each number, you win only $1 on a win. While on a lose you lose $35.
Below the chance graph for a 'All but Two' bet is plotted after 18 roulette spins.
When starting with a bankroll of $100 and betting $1 each time.
You can win 18 times and end up at $118, or lose 18 times and end at $0. Actually losing 3x already empties your bankroll to $0.
However most likely you end somewhere in between $0 and $118.
After 18 spins there is 37% chance that you end up at $118, however there is 63% chance that you end below $100 after 18 spins.
So although 1 spin gave a high win chance, after many spins the chance of losing increases, and only 1 lose will need a lot of wins to recover.

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