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Roulette Win Strategy

Bet both Red and 2nd Column (2/2)

A variant of the strategy on the previous page is to bet $3 on Red and $2 on 2nd Column.
In total 18 (Red) + 8 (Black) = 26 numbers are covered which gives 70% chance on payout the 1st roulette spin. Now if the outcome is a Red that is not in the 2nd Column, you gain $3, but since you also lost $2 (the Column bet), you effectively gain $1. If the outcome is a Black in the 2nd Column, you gain 2x$2 = $4, while you also lost $3 (the Red bet), so effectively you gain again $1. If the outcome is a Red in the 2nd Column, you gain $3 from the Red bet and $4 from the Column bet, so total $7. Finally if the outcome is one of the other 13 numbers, you lose all $5.
This strategy looks more promising as you have 70% chance to gain more than $1.

The graph below shows the chance to come out winning with this strategy for 1 - 10 roulette spins. The chance to win on the 1st roulette spin is 70%. However already on the 2nd spin the chance to come out winning drops to 55%. For more spins the chance drops even further. This is due to that fact that the chance to have a losing spin of $5 increases. And the $5 loss will whipe out a number of previous $1 wins.

So to conclude this stratey performs initially better than the previous where $1 was bet on both Red and 2nd Column. However after multiple roulette spins the chance to win drops, and overall the strategy does not make it above 70% win chance to start to make it interesting.

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