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Roulette Win Strategy

Bet 1st and 3rd Columns and Black (1/2)

A friend on FaceBook asked to simulate this strategy: Bet$1 on 1st and 3rd Column, and $1 on Black.
Some websites also seem to recommend this, for example '' and site '' .
The strategy is to bet $1 on the 1st Column, $1 on the 3rd Column and $1 on Black. The 2nd Column has 4 Reds and 8 Black numbers. So in total 12 (1st Column) + 12 (3rd Column) + 8 (Black in 2nd Column) = 32 numbers are covered. This gives 92% chance on payout the 1st roulette spin. However you are betting $3, and when the number falls on a Red in the 1st or 3rd Column payout is equal to the loss. So there is a high chance of playing even. If the outcome is a Red in the 2nd Column or Zero, you lose all $3. If the outcome is a Black in the 2nd column, you lose $1. Only when the outcome is a Black in the 1st or 3rd column you gain $2.

The graph below shows the chance to come out winning with this strategy for 1 - 10 roulette spins. The chance to win is barely higher than 40%. The chance to win OR play even is about 50%, but slowly drops as the number of roulette spins increases. The thing is that after 10 spins, the chance to lose starts to be higher than the chance to win or play even.

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