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Roulette Win Strategy

The Martingale System used on REd/Black Bet (2/7)

On previous page the bankroll was shown after 18 roulette spins. There is an advantage of stopping with playing after a win. But that will be explained on the next page.
The graph below shows the chance to come out winning with the Martingale Red/Black strategy for 1 - 18 spins.
The chance to win increases from the first ten spins. This is due to the fact that the more roulette spins you play, the more chance you have to win back your losses.
After about 12 roulette spins the chance to come out winning stays at 81%. This is very interesting as with 'flat' betting on Red or Black (1st Strategy tested), the chance to win dropped from 48% on the 1st spin to 45% on the 17th spin. So when applying 'Martingale Moneymanagement' we can keep the win chance at 81% on the 17th spin!.
Even more interetingly the chance to win does not seem to drop with increasing spins. Is this beating the House Edge ? (see next page)

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