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The Martingale System used on a Two Dozen/Column Bet (1/5)

The Martingale system is the most well known system in roulette. Its a progressive system that uses Money Management to try to overcome the house edge: It is generally applied to the 'even' bets such as Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High. Where you have 18/37 = 48.6% chance on an individual win. However this can also be applied to othet bets.
Here we apply it to a Two Dozen/Two Columns bet.
The principle is to bet $1 on each of the 2 Dozens or 2 Columns. Then when you lose you place your next bet such that you can win back ALL your prevous losses and even get some gain. When you lost the 1st bet, you lost $2. Now on the next bet in Two Dozens/Columns you want to win $3. You achieve that by betting $3 on each Dozen/Column (Total bet $6). If you lose again, you lost $2 from the 1st bet, and $6 from the 2nd. In your next game you want to win at least $9, so you bet $9 on each Dozen/Column (Total bet $18).
So the progression is bet $1 on each of 2 Dozens/Columns, on a lose then bet $3 on each, when lose again bet $9 on each, when lose again bet $27 on each. By now you have bet $80, and with an unlimited bankroll you can continue the progression, however when starting with $100 this is the last step you can make before going bankrupt.
Below the chance graph is shown for using the Martingale system on 2 Dozens/Columns after 18 roulette spins.
When starting with a bankroll of $100 and start betting $1 on each of the 2 Dozens after each win, and triple the bet after each lose.
You can win 18 times and end up at $118, or lose 4 or more times and end at $0. However interestingly most likely you end somewhere in between $100 and $118.
After 18 spins there is 82% chance that you end up with more than $100 ! This is more chance than with any of the flat betting methods. Clearly with this strategy it is best to stop after a win. That is shown on the next pages.

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