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The d'Alembert System used on a Red/Black Bet (1/5)

The d'Alembert system is a classic well known system in roulette. Its a progressive system that uses Money Management to try to overcome losing streaks and the house edge: It is generally applied to the 'even' bets such as Red/Black, Even/Odd, Low/High. Where you have 18/37 = 48.6% chance on an individual win.
The description for d'Alembert is actually very general : increase your bet after a loss, and decrease your bet after a win.
On the web it can be found that there are different interpretations of HOW to increase your bet after a loss and decrease your bet after a win. Here we will look at 2 alternatives.
First we look at doubling our bet after a loss, and to half our bet after a win. Doubling the bet after a loss is actually making this approach similar to Martingale. The principle is to bet $1 on Red or Black. Then when you lose on you next bet you bet $2 on Red or Black. When you lose again you bet $4, and after another loss you bet $8. If you then win, you half the bet, and your next bet will be $4 on Red or Black. If you then win again, you bet $2 on your next bet, incase you lose you double the bet to $8.
Below the chance graph is shown for using the d'Alembert system on Red/Black bet after 18 roulette spins, with a starting bet of $1 and doubling the bet on a loss and making half the bet after a win.
You can win 18 times and end up with $728 (!), or lose 6 or more times and end bankrupt at $0. However most likely you end somewhere in between $100 and $150.
After 18 spins there is 65% chance that you end up with more than $100 ! This is more chance than with any of the flat betting methods. And linked to the 'Martingale' nature of doubling the bet after a lose. At the same time though there is almost 27% chance that you go bankrupt.

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