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Roullete Win Strategy | Test Method used for testing the roulette strategies.

Roulette Win Strategy

Roulette Strategy Test Method:

The different roulette strategies where tested in a computer simulation.
Only 18 spins were simulated, as the assumption is that a method that can not be profitable within 18 spins, can not be profitable after 18 spins.
All possible win-lose (WL) outcomes of 18 roulette spins are simulated. This means all the 262144 different outcomes of 18 spins are simulated. For comparison with other simulations, its equivalent to considering all 37 different possible outcomes for all 18 spins. Meaning 37 *37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37*37 = 1.68E+28, over a Quadrillion different roulette spin outcomes are simulated. The most comprehensive on the web today.
Both the betting strategy and money management strategy are considered.

The test method used the following rules:
- The outcome of a spin is a loose (L) or a win (W).
- Only 'simple' bet strategies are tested, eg. on a number, color, street
- Winning and loosing streaks are incorporated.
- Starting bankroll is $100 and minimum bet is $1.

For example: If the game is played two times, the outcome can be lose-lose (LL), lose-win (LW), win-lose (WL), win-win (WW). The money management strategy has an influence on final bankroll, and to some extend to so the overall win or loose chance.
For example when playing 2 spins and having a lat bet of $10 on Red, this gives a different outcome than when playing 2 spins and having a bet of $10 on the 1st spin and $15 on the 2nd spin.

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